Jr. Fire Fighter Suit Child Costume (halloween decorations)

Jr. Fire Fighter Suit Child Costume
By Aeromax

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   Jr. Fire Fighter Suit Child Costume descriptions
  The child's Fireman Costume includes an adjustable hard helmet, bib overalls, overcoat with zippers, buckles and pockets, adjustable suspenders, knee and elbow patches, and adjustable waist straps. This is the best quality you can find! This is the most official child fireman's costume gear for kids anywhere. Available in two official color choices of Black or Tan. AblePlay Rating Program notes that this is a good costume choice for autistic children. Self help skills such as zippering, connecting Velcro straps and buckling suspenders can be practiced (Note: the buckles on the jacket are facing inward and very difficult for a child to latch themselves). This pretend play encouraging costume offers memory and recall skills are used as children remember who a fire fighter is and what it is that he or she does in order to pretend play. Fine motor skills are used to put on the costume. Along with creativity and imagination, self esteem is heightened as your child pretends to be a fire fighter. This helps children feel powerful and able to exert control over situations. Problem solving skills and cognitive thought processing can be incorporated into play by giving the child a scenario that needs to be solved, such as a cat is high on the ledge and cannot get down. How can we get him down? Use a stuffed animal to assist in acting out the pretend play situation.
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