Star Wars Super Deluxe Jedi Robe Costume Adult

Star Wars Super Deluxe Jedi Robe Costume Adult
By Rubie's Costume Co

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   Star Wars Super Deluxe Jedi Robe Costume Adult descriptions
  The ultimate cloak for all you aspiring Jedi's. No Jedi is complete without his robe. I have been ramping up for this year's halloween by putting together a Jedi Costume. After having modified a bathrobe, hand made a set of tabbards and an Obi, found a pair of credible boot tops, and even created my own lightsaber out of drain pipe and windshield wiper blades, I was only missing one thing; That long flowing brown robe that is the true mark of the Jedi Bendu. Okay I'm a dork... So after browsing amazon for a while and seeing the various choices, some obviously unworthy and some not so obviously, I was instinctually drawn to the Super Deluxe Jedi Robe. The problem i ran into was the size "Standard" and obviously not knowing how authentic looking this robe actually was. I drove down to a local costume store and tried on the "Deluxe Jedi Robe" version and was pleased to find that the standard size actually fit decently on my 6'4" frame, even though the "Deluxe" was visibly thin and the hood wasn't that giant melon engulfing thing like in the movies - also the robe didn't go all the way to the floor, but overall the thing fit well. So I chose to order the Super Deluxe on a wing and a prayer. It arrived today and right out of the box it was the obvious right choice. The robe is made of thick material, the color is right on at a dark brown (not the near black like in the picture) the hood is massive and swallows my whole face, and the hem actually just sweeps the floor as I walk in it. The sleeves are huge and swallow up my whole arm whether they are hanging or crossed in front of my chest. As i said I am 6'4" tall and have broad shoulders and long arms, and this robe fits great - anyone looking for a good authentic robe and wanting to avoid cheap imitation like looks will not be unhappy with this product. This robe would probably also work just as well for Lord of The Rings costumes or any other robe wearing character or monster as long as the dark brown color is appropriate. Maybe the only thing to consider is the thickness of the material in that it will probably be a very hot garment.Read more about Star Wars Super Deluxe Jedi Robe Costume Adult click HERE

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